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City of Huntsville, AL
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City of Huntsville - Portable Storage Structures

Definition of Portable Storage Structure from Zoning Ordinance Article 3, Section 3.1-- Interpretation:

Portable Storage Structure - A transportable storage structure that is designed and used primarily for the storage of household goods, personal items and other materials for use on a limited basis on residential property. Such structures are uniquely designed for their ease of loading to and from a transport vehicle. For the purposes of this ordinance, the trailer portion of a tractor trailer, boxcars and shipping containers shall also be considered portable storage structures when expressly used for the purposes of on-site storage in residential districts.

Zoning Ordinance Article 73, Section 73.1.2 -- Temporary Uses:

73.1.2               Temporary Uses

(1)        Temporary structures, including portable storage structures, incidental to construction of buildings or structures with an active building permit are allowed provided such structures shall be removed following completion or abandonment of such construction.

(2)        A temporary real estate sales office is permitted in a subdivision during the development of such subdivision provided its use relates only to the subdivision in which it is located and provided it shall be removed after the subdivision is developed.  (63-93)

(3)        One portable storage structure may be placed on a residential lot without an active building permit subject to the following conditions and limitations:

(a)        Prior to placement of the portable storage structure on the lot, the property owner shall apply for and obtain a Portable Storage Structure Permit from Zoning Administration; and

(b)        Multi-family dwellings are allowed one portable storage structure per dwelling unit and the portable storage structures shall not be placed in required parking spaces or in required landscaped areas; and

(c)        The permits for the portable storage structures shall be conditional permits and each residential lot is limited to a maximum of three (3) thirty (30) day permits within any twelve (12) month period; and

(d)        The portable storage structure shall not exceed one hundred and sixty (160) square feet in area and ten (10) feet in height; and

(e)        The portable storage structure shall be set back a minimum of ten (10) feet from the front property line and a minimum of five (5) feet from the side and rear property lines and a minimum of five (5) feet from all other structures on the property and if placed in a front yard shall comply with the safe sight distance triangle regulations which are defined by the adopted standards of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO); and

(f)         The portable storage structure shall not encroach on public property or public rights-of-way; and

(g)        No mechanical, plumbing or electrical installations or connections are to be made to the portable storage structure; and   

(h)        The portable storage structure shall have clearly   posted on the exterior of the unit a copy of the current permit issued for the portable storage structure, and the date the portable storage structure was placed at the site; and

(i)         The conditional permit approval for the portable     storage structure may be revoked by the Zoning   Administrator at any time should the property owner’s utilization of such portable storage structure result in unsafe or unsanitary conditions on the site or upon violation of any of the conditions or limitations stated herein. (08-529A)